Sharpening the Saw-What I will do differently in 2013

New year-new you!

Sounds kind of trite, but I have decided to do some things differently this year in order to be better at what I do and to have more fun.  You may find this a little weird, but I enjoy games and I enjoy learning.  What could be better than a learning game or a service that provides games that promote learning for kids of all ages.

While doing some investigation on the web yesterday I found Lumosity and have decided to give it a go for the next year, or at least for the next month.  They had a good lead in, allowing me to try a few of the games, and the people involved appear to have decent credentials, so I spent $72 and here I am.

Lumosity reminds me of many of the intelligence tests I have taken in the past and it allows you to measure your progress over a period of time.  They profess to be able to make me smarter (that is a scary thought) and I am always looking for a way to be better at who I am and what I do.

You can click on the link on the work Lumosity to learn more.  I’ll post on this occasionally and also try to share real-world examples of where I see progress in my day to day life as a result of this tool

Smarter-faster-better retention; too bad it doesn’t allow me to lose weight too. Smile


Stay tuned!