Taking time for reflection

This past weekend was one that I hope I don’t have to repeat again soon.  While not going into all of the details, let’s just say I had a stomach bug that put me out of commission from late Friday until late Sunday.  The details are not the important thing, but what happened as a result was good in many ways.  Let me explain how that kind of time can be good.

Most of us, especially me, are way to plugged in and have way too much on our schedules.  While this past weekend was going to be one where we were less involved in a number of events, my illness did force us to miss an event on Saturday and also have to cancel our church small-group session on Sunday evening, something I hated to miss.  The benefits were that I actually had to take the time to rest fully, whether I wanted to or not.  I also practically fasted the entire time, a good act and one I should practice more often.

Too often we go about our daily lives and accumulate and add continually while not thinking more fully about what we should be, and should not be doing.  Life is about choices in many respects and I have the tendency to add and say yes in many instances where I should say no.  This does not mean that I want to become a recluse or a hermit, but it does mean that in many cases I can “burn the candle on both ends” and result in being completely worn out and useless, an unfair state for those I need to serve most, namely my family and my clients.

This weekend, painful as I might have been, served as a reminder that we all need to take time to unplug, unwind, pause and reflect.

I hope that my next time to fast, or come close, is not because of illness.  Fasting can be a great practice as it helps us to pause and focus on our physical self and also puts us closer to our Creator, something I need to do more often.

I feel back to normal, whatever normal means for me, but I plan to make a start to the week that is less like putting the pedal to the metal and more like getting a slow-steady start, sort of like a tortoise versus the hare.