The call

Note:  This post is near and dear to my heart because it involves someone I dearly love and care for.  Please keep her in your prayers.

I write about a variety of topics and most of them have to do with people and things I have experienced in my life.  Many of them are personal, but most will never reach the personal level of this post.  Don’t think I am going to write anything bad; to the contrary, this is something that is good, very good.

The reasons for this post are not to cast any positive light on myself.  My intent is to share something that is very important to me and to encourage each and every one of you to think hard about those in your life that you care greatly about.  If I cause just one of you to make the call, the I have accomplished my mission.  Let’s get started.

I met my wife over 34 years ago when we were both undergraduates at Murray State University in Murray, KY.  Murray was not my original college destination, far from it.  As a senior in high school I had two wonderful options, a Naval ROTC scholarship to the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and an appointment to the United States Naval Academy.  I chose the Academy and spent four weeks there during plebe summer before I realized that my choice had been the wrong one for me at that time.

Fast forward to the spring of my junior year in college at Murray.  It was then that I was officially introduced to the wonderful woman who became my wife.  We began dating and as they say, the rest is history.  We will celebrate 32 years of marriage on September 11.  What I didn’t fully realize at that time was that you don’t marry just a person, you marry a family, and I got way more than I could have ever prayed and dreamed of when I became part of my wife’s family.

My in-laws are great people and I love them both dearly.  My father in law was a small business owner for 35 years and his clients were fiercely loyal to he and his brother in their business.   My mother in law did the books for the business and little did I know that she would become one of my best friends and my “defector” spiritual advisor in my life.  There are so many stories of boneheaded things I have said and done, but never, not once, has she ever held a grudge against me.  As I tell people today, she only has one fault in life, the fact that she roots for the St. Louis Cardinals in baseball.  I’ll pray that God grants her grace for that.

I try to call her weekly.  The call is nothing special, there is no certain time and no agenda, but it is my way to stay connected and see how she is doing.  We will talk about Murray, college basketball (UK of course!) and other events that are going on in our lives.  She is always in a great frame of mind and never says she is too busy to talk or listen.  Knowing that both of my parents passed away right after my college graduation, she and her husband have become my closest confidants other than my wife.

The call is something I would encourage each of you to do.  It may not be your mother in law, but there is at least one person in your life that has made a difference, that is making a difference, that you need to stay connected to.  That conversation, that relationship, is critical for each one of us.

I look forward to the call each week and know that afterward I have gained much more than I have ever provided.  I only hope that someone will make the call to me when they want someone to listen or talk with.  I also pray that I will know when the call comes so that I take the time listen and learn.

Mother’s day is this weekend.  Maybe your mother is the one person you need to make the call to.  If not her, find someone else.

You’ll never know how much the call means to them, or to you.

To Sue; Happy Mother’s Day!