The Future of Performance Management

Later today I have the distinct pleasure to present  a workshop to a group of HR professionals about the future of Performance Management.  I really enjoy making presentations, especially those where I can get others involved in activities where cooperative learning takes place.

Today’s workshop will be no exception and we will spend time today learning about “bleeding edge” strategy and also learning from one another in groups.  We will even spend a little time laughing at how television depicts performance appraisal.

Here are a few of the key points we will discuss today:

  • Performance Management is the process of identifying, measuring, managing and developing the prerfomrance of the human resources in an organization
  • Performance Appraisal is the ongoing process of evaluating employee performance
  • Performance Appraisal got its start with the military in World War 1 and grew in prominence during World War 2.  In the late 1940’s about 60% of US firms used appraisals to document performance and allocate rewards
  • Many firms are moving away from measures in performance appraisal; on the other hand, some firms are moving back toward measures
  • More firms are trying to “de-couple” rewards from performance appraisal
  • “Real Time” feedback is a growing trend among a number of organizations
  • Apps are making their way into the performance management world

There are many other things we will discuss, but I thought this might be enough to catch your attention for today.

I would strongly encourage you to read further into how the Agile philosophy is meandering into the performance management world and also take a look at the PD process being implemented by GE.

More to follow…