The gift of Time

Time is a precious resource.  We only have a fixed amount in our lives, so we need to find ways to use it appropriately and efficiently.  As an engineer I am always trying to squeeze more out of each minute daily.

I was given a gift of time today.  It was totally unexpected and I have had the opportunity to take a few deep breaths and catch up  on some basic housekeeping issues regarding my business.  Even though my initial task will need to be done later, having this time now has been a real God-send; all things are God-sent!

Today is Good Friday.  As a young man I always wondered why the day my savior died was considered a “good” day.  It certainly was not good for him.  As time has passed I have gained a greater appreciation for the good in Good Friday.  His pain provided our gain, the gain of salvation.  That is really more than good, it is really Great, if not outstanding.

The time I have been given today is precious, just like the time I am given each and every day.  It is my goal to use this time not only to be a successful person and a good friend to many, but to also reflect and think about how this Good Friday has made a difference in my life.  Nothing I will do makes a difference in my life after this one, and there will be a next life.  Good Friday makes the difference and there is nothing I can do, nothing I can say, that will ever add to this fact.

I appreciate this time today and I am thankful for the “good” in Good Friday.

Enjoy this good day and every day.  I hope you get a chance to spend time with those you love and cherish over the coming weekend.  Don’t just wait for days like this to make that connection.  Strive for them every day.

Have a good-great-excellent day!

And remember to also give thanks for His goodness.