The power of the logo-Are you wearing yours?

For those of you know me there is always a strong probability that what I talk about has some relationship to sports, especially collegiate sports, and probably regarding the Southeastern Conference, better known now as the SEC.  When people who follow collegiate sports talk about the SEC there is usually one of two emotions, love or hate.  If you follow a school from this region, you have an allegiance and you are probably quite proud of that relationship.  If you happen to be part of another group, your emotions may range from disinterest to strong dislike.  Think about that…we are talking about allegiance to something as mundane as collegiate athletics and the emotions can run pretty high.  Keep that point in mind as we move forward.

Organizations have logos and allegiances also and many of these logos are quite easily recognizable.  When we see these logos there is typically an immediate response with emotions ranging from disinterest to great interest or even worship.  Let me share a few logos to illustrate this point:  (usage of these logos is in no way any kind of endorsement or judgment on my part in any way)

What do you think of when you see this first logo?

By now you can understand my first point, with the point being that many of us make decisions and form opinions based on what we see before we ever gather any further information.  If you can accept this premise, we will move ahead.

I was working out at my local YMCA this morning and I happened to have an Auburn University  t-shirt on and I was stopped by several individuals to talk about Auburn and their experiences there.  If I had worn another shirt I suspect none of this would have occurred, but by seeing the Auburn logo they chose to speak to me and we began a conversation.  This kind of thing happens all of the time, not just for those who wear the Auburn logo, but it happens to any one of us every day when we choose to associate ourselves with an organization or a brand.

What do people see or what do they feel when they see you or your brand?  On second thought, do you even have a brand?

I have worked for companies that made me proud to wear their brand and I have been with others that made me feel indifferent.  I make a point to try and list the logo of my clients (when they permit) on my company website so that those who peruse our site will more quickly associate who we are by who we work for.

Have you given much thought that others form opinions about you and your work by who you work with and who you represent?  This can be both a positive and negative thing.  All of us want to work with clients and individuals who promote good thoughts and emotions from the community, but every so often we are faced with a choice, a dilemma, regarding who we have an opportunity to work with or be associated with.  Have you given much thought to how others will perceive this?

Take a few moments in the near future to consider how you want to be recognized and who you want to be associated with.  I suggest you look at this both personally and professionally.

We are not only what we do, but we are also the sum of our relationships and our alliances.

Who do you want to be associated with and compared to?