The value of doing nothing, or not much

it is Monday morning again and most of us are waking up to another day of winter.  I know for many of you that this has been a winter you will not soon forget, but I will have to say that we have had lots of cold weather here, but not much ice or snow.  Compared to many of you in the Midwest and Eastern parts of the United States our winter here in the Nashville area has been mild.

Winter snowstorm

The other thing about this being a Monday is that the weekend has just ended.  The weekend means different things to each of us, but for me the weekend is a time to take a deep breath and get caught up.  In a few random cases I even try to get away from the keyboard completely, a tough job for me these days.

There is a value to kicking back and relaxing.  Our world is sometimes too fast paced for too many days and our constant hustle and bustle keeps us from taking that time to recharge, refresh and refocus.  Let me cite a few reasons to do this.

Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz cited the value of interval work in his book “The Power of Full Engagement”.  I first read this book over 5 years ago and it has some valid research about how interval training, and interval work can allow you to be much more productive.  Daily intervals are a little different that weekends, but nonetheless, we all need time to recharge and refresh.  Scott Belsky of Adobe wrote the article “What Happened to Downtime” for Fast Company and in this he cited how this time promotes a number of really positive things such as deep thinking and mind clearing.  I cannot speak for you, but I know there are many times I have so many things on my mind that I cannot think clearly enough.  That week at the beach I have coming in mid-March is really looking appealing right now.

Captiva Island

James Altucher also wrote “5 Ways to do Nothing and become More Productive” and in this article he cited how doing nothing can reduce feelings of paranoia, being anxious and also help reduce fatigue.  Those things sound positive to me; what about you?

So on this Monday morning let’s take a moment, gather our thoughts, clear our minds and do nothing, even if just for five minutes.

You’ll be glad you did.  Make sure you let those around you know that it is nothing personal for them, just something you are doing for yourself.

Have a great week!