The value of following up

October has been  a busy month.  During the past two weeks I have attended two different conferences, with one being in Las Vegas and the other in Nashville.  Both audiences have differed also.

Attending conferences like these affords the opportunity to meet many people.  Some I intentionally sought out while at the event while others I happened to meet while there.  All of these contacts have value and I have a system for following up after a conference.  So too should you.

  • One of the first things I do is to add every contact to my database in Outlook.  I could manually type this in, but I use a card scanning program that (usually) puts all of the information into the right place both on my phone and in Outlook.
  • Another thing I try to do when I attend an event is to categorize the event in Outlook.  I cannot tell you how many times I try to think of someone's name, but if I cannot remember the name I may remember where I met them.  Thus, having a category set up by event helps with tracking them down.
  • For those who provided help while we met, I try to send them a hand-written note.  Some of you may find this to be a little much, but I find that the note sends a message that goes way beyond the words on the card.  For me, the note is a key differentiator.

These are three of the key items I use to follow up. This is only the start.

How do you follow up when you meet others?