The value of remembrances

On March 14, 2008, my wife and I attended the Friday night session of games at the SEC basketball tournament in Atlanta, GA.  Things were going well until events unfolded as seen in the video below:

We were sitting in seats in the lower bowl when this all occurred and I remember well seeing the roof fabric ripple due to the high winds.  I also remember seeing debris fall from the ceiling and remember the hole in the side wall just below the roof structure.

This series of event were scary and then almost frantic when we were evacuated from the building around midnight.  As we left the building we also noticed the significant damage to the World Congress Center next door.

The tournament was moved to Georgia Tech for completion and the lack of seats at GT kept most of those attending from seeing the rest of the tournament.

The bamboo shoot shown was something I picked up the next day while shopping in Atlanta at Ikea since we could not see any more basketball.  This bamboo shoot is now almost 11 years old and serves as a daily reminder of the incidents we experienced that infamous night at the Georgia Dome.

All of us have items we keep that remind us of things we do or people we know.  The real value of that bamboo is trivial, but the intrinsic value is priceless.  I could add several other items to this list, including my mother’s rosary and ticket stubs from significant events in my life.

Keeping a token of remembrance from a significant event is valuable to help us each keep in mind what we have done and what we have learned from these experiences.  I wear a wedding ring with the date 9-11-82 engraved on the inside to help me never forget one of the most important dates in my life, the day I married my wife.

What remembrance do you have?

Why do you keep this item?

How has this helped you remember?