Three good pieces of advice I have been given

We all get advice daily.  Some comes from friends, other from loved ones and even complete strangers give advice.  Much advice is solicited, but some of the best advice is unsolicited.  My intent today is to share three impactful bits of advice I have been given or picked up on over the years.  My hope is that these bits will be of value to you also.

  1.   “If you are going to work with others, you need to know yourself first”-This piece of advice was given to me by Tena Carson-Figgins in 1992 or 1993 while I was becoming the manager of training and development for a Japanese-American automotive supplier here in the Nashville area.  Tena had worked with our firm through a series of planning events and she became a great mentor for me as I began one of my periods where I “reinvented” myself.  Tena’s advice led to me going through a T-group experience and it also helped me learn about CCL, an organization I still align with today.  My blind spots still exist, but my interest in my own self awareness, as well as self awareness for others, has never diminished.
  2. “There are riches in niches”-Marc Fortune is someone I had read about for many years before I got to know him personally.  Marc is someone I call often to bounce ideas off of and he is also able to be honestly frank, but not in an offensive manner.  Marc shared this tidbit with me many years ago and I often pause to think what niches I ought to be focusing on.  While this advice is newer than the self awareness bit, it still has the ability to make a major impact in who I am and will become.
  3. “We all have three gifts to offer, Time, Talent and Treasure“-This came from the late George Goyer, another mentor who came into my life after I left the manufacturing world.  George worked for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee and he taught me as much about life as he did about fundraising and the non profit world.  George left us way too early, but his impact on who I am today can never be diminished.  I still have so many friends and acquaintances from that era and the things he taught me about time, talent and treasure have influenced me for decades.

What about you?  What advice have you been given that has influenced your life?

Let me know-I too might learn from wise counsel you have gained.