Traits of Entrepreneurial Leadership-Confidence

A week ago I wrote a post about the 4 key traits of Entrepreneurial Leadership; Confidence, Independence, Perseverance and Focus.  I have also written another post that describes how Entrepreneurial Leadership is similar and different than Symmetrical Leadership.  Today I will go into more detail about how Confidence is valuable for a leader.

When you think of the word confident, what comes to mind?  For me, I see a few things.  One who is confident is a person who can move ahead in a direction that is new with little hesitation.  It may take time to make that initial move, but confidence must be present in order for movement to occur.  Without confidence, change and action are invisible.  When I see this it reminds me of my physics background and the term Inertia.  Sir Isaac Newton’s laws said that a body will remain at rest or in constant motion unless acted upon by an outside force.  We all can see this and it makes good common sense.  Now take this vision to leadership and visualize this:  Organizations and people will stay stagnant or in their “rut” unless acted upon by an outside force, also known as a leader.  The leader who acts upon an organization requires confidence in his/her ideas or ability in order to take the first steps to make this action.  I think you can now see the importance of confidence.

Confidence can also have a negative dimension.  Some leaders can have too much confidence, and this excess level can lead to diminished self awareness and careless or wrongful actions.  Some classic examples of leaders with too much confidence would include Hitler and Saddam Hussein. Both of these men took excessive liberty with their power and they acted upon on others in a much greater degree than what was eventually supported by those around them.

Confidence in leadership is essential.  Leaders effect change and they cannot make the changes needed without some level of confidence in their abilities.  Tomorrow, on Super Bowl Sunday, another leader will step forward in the maelstrom of support and challenge.  This leader is Tim Tebow and he will stand for a cause that many embrace and many others disagree with.  Tebow is confident and he takes action based on his confidence.  You may agree or disagree with his point, but you cannot refute his confidence and his willingness to take action as a result.

Are you a confident leader?  What action are you taking as a result of your confidence?