Traits of Entrepreneurial Leadership: Independence

Two weeks  ago I wrote a post about the 4 key traits of Entrepreneurial Leadership; Confidence, Independence, Perseverance and Focus.  Last week I wrote a post about the trait of Confidence and how it contributes to Entrepreneurial Leadership.  I have also written another post that describes how Entrepreneurial Leadership is similar and different than Symmetrical Leadership.  Today I will go into more detail about how Independence is valuable for a leader, especially an Entrepreneurial Leader.

There are times when being Independent is not a positive trait, but when one is in a new venture there are specific times when this independence pays dividends.  Entrepreneurs are always torn in many directions because they are trying to keep so many balls in the air in their new ventures.  There are the issues around the business, finding the talent to run the business, finding the capital to fund the business and deciding just where you will spend your time.  Another issue that always rears its head is how long the entrepreneur will stay in a leadership role and when he or she will turn over the reigns to someone else.

The independence trait is helpful when the entrepreneur needs to separate him/herself from the venture and think about what is best both personally and professionally for the venture.  There will be people from multiple areas offering advice and many of them will have good points, but others will be trying to protect their own interests.  The trait of Independence will aid the Entrepreneurial leader in knowing what is best for all concerned and not just for one or two of those involved.

At other times the trait of Independence can be a distraction for the leader.  There are many instances that require the leader to draw upon the skills and experience of others, especially those who have complimentary skills.  These complimentary skills and experiences are invaluable in helping to put the entire situation in the proper context.

Independence is a valuable trait for the Entrepreneurial leader, but even more so is knowing when to be independent and when to be collaborative.

I’ll continue this series of posts about entrepreneurial Leadership in the coming week when I talk about perseverance.  I’ll also take time to discuss more about how Entrepreneurial Leadership fits with Symmetrical Leadership.