What does Symmetrical Leadership consist of?

We previously talked about what a Symmetrical Leader is?  We will talk briefly today about what the key components are of Symmetrical Leadership.

All leadership is a balance.  There is a dynamic tension between the relationship and the result.  This tension causes many leaders to error in one direction or another.  Symmetrical Leaders are aware and able to maintain a good balance between these two distinct poles in our worlds.

Which direction is your preference?  Are you more concerned with getting things done or are you more interested in maintaining the relationships involved?  Furthermore, how can you maintain and excel at both.

This area is especially concerning to new business owners and entrepreneurs.  Many in their first business have little or no perspective  of their effect on others and they are typically unbalanced.  They benefit from understanding how to bring Leadership Symmetry into their lives and their work.

More to come about this new view of leadership-the Symmetrical Leader.