What happens when the lights come on

I suspect that many of you were watching the Super Bowl last evening.  Even if you were not you must have heard about the lights going out early in the third quarter.  Depending upon which team you rooted for you will say it had no effect or it had substantial effect.  I cannot substantiate either point, but having the lights come on can be a powerful thing for many of us.  Let’s spend some time today talking about how we might “Make the Lights Come on” for someone in the workplace.

Having the Lights Come on is an acronym for me to having someone “get it” or become better engaged in their work.  Many things can cause this to happen.  A few to consider are:

  • listening more intently to what is being said
  • paying closer attention to what is going on in the workplace
  • having someone come forward to mentor or oversee you

Each of these three items can contribute to “getting it” and having the Lights Come on.  I know that there are times when I am “there”, but not really tuned in.  Just going through the motions is not enough.  You have to listen well and pay attention to what others are saying.

Having someone step forward and mentor or assist you can also help the lights come on in your work career.  There have been many I can think of who have stepped forward in my career.  Each of these individuals have come at crucial times and allowed me to be more successful than I ever could have been on my own.  In their own way they helped the lights come on for me at that time and in my career.

What about you?  When have the lights come on for you?  Who has helped bring this to fruition?

Having the lights come on is a powerful experience.  If you pay attention, listen intently or have the assistance of a good mentor you can have the lights come on more often or more completely.

Only you can know when to flip the switch.