What your client remembers most in a project

Even though I run a Talent Development and Talent Acquisition firm, I am really a project manager.  Work that we do is set up into projects and we have some clients where we may have more than one project going on at the same time.  Knowing this helps me understand much of how we do our work, but I am also always thinking about the impression we make on our clients, with client including our hiring firm and our candidates.

Just what do candidates remember in a search process?  Here are a few key segments that could come to mind:

In the search process

  • Do they remember the detail and accuracy of the job specification we put together when we begin the search process?
  • Do they consider the contacts we make, both the quantity and the quality of the candidates we provide?
  • Do they consider the information we gather in vetting the candidates prior to presenting them?
  • Do they remember the conversations we have during each stage of the project to make sure we are both on the same page as we move forward?
  • Should they remember how they chose the candidate to join their firm after completing their own interview and vetting process?

In the talent development process

  • Will they remember the discussions we had about the needs of their staff members?
  • Should they remember the skills, knowledge and attitudes we focused on while working with their staff members?
  • Do they remember the difference in how their staff members behaved and/or performed in the workplace after the sessions?

While I cannot say this in every case, the clients I know consider the results of the process.  These results are both short and long term in nature.  The initial results will include whether the person they hire is the right fit and has the right skills to succeed and also get along with others.  From a development process they will typically consider how the people we worked with operate more effectively in the workplace as a result of their interaction.

Project Management is a key part of our business.  This PM work includes both process and results.  For our work, the process is very important and the results should follow.

For our clients, the results are the most important thing.

What about in your projects?  Are you overly focused on the process or the results?

What types of feedback do you get from your clients?