When I see these words, I get a little concerned…

As Gena and I prepare to wind up the end of a wonderful trip for our 30th anniversary I thought I would share a few thoughts and opinions in a somewhat humorous (humorous to me) fashion before we trudge home from a great week away from the normal things we do.  I hope you will find some value in what I have to share with you today.

I suspect many of you have words or phrases that you see that cause alarm or suspicion.  I have the same and thought today would be a time to share some of those.  I would be curious to see if you feel the same way as I do.

  1. Any usage of the word “Expert”-I suspect that my personal wiring has me suspicious of this word, but every time I see someone describe themselves as an expert I get cautious and usually turn in an other direction.  The connotation of this word is usually not a positive one for me and I tend to be more on the humble and understated side and this word is the polar opposite for me.
  2. SEO marketer or Expert-The whole SEO world has been diluted and deluged with many “experts” who can tell you and show you (for a price) how to keep your presence on the top of the Google rank every day.  Based on my limited knowledge this is a difficult, if not impossible task; hence, SEO experts to me are somewhat like “snake oil” salesmen who also can show you the fountain of youth, again for a price.
  3. Fitness or Health Guru-our country is full of many people who want to show you the short cut to better health or higher levels of fitness.  Many of these people are not credentialed in any way or not in the proper way.     I spent a stint of my career working for one of the leading health and fitness organizations, the YMCA, and it amazes me to see just how gullible the general population can be when it comes to the “easy way” to health and fitness.  In my opinion, there is no easy way and health and fitness are not a destination, they are a process.  Remember this the next time you order that Big Mac or that Hardee’s sandwich.

I suspect there are more of these words or phrases that raise your antennae and it would be interesting to compile a more comprehensive list.

In the meantime I’ll consult my health and fitness guru to get some expert advice on how to better rank my page on Google.

You can only guess where this will go…