Where does everybody know your name?

This post will show my age, but it will also make a point that is quite important when it comes to networking and building relationships.  The sitcom Cheers was one of my favorites during an earlier stage of my life and the character Norm Peterson was one of the mainstays on the show.

Each one of us has a place where we are known, even known very well.  Finding that place is one of the key items to leveraging your network.  Here are some of the keys to establishing your “beachhead” when having that familiar place:

  • Be present on a regular basis
  • Forge relationships with the regular patrons of the group or the establishment
  • Offer to help others you know or meet in this locale
  • Know when to enter and when to leave
  • One more that Norm didn’t do; find a way to expand your influence outside of this space

While hanging out in a bar may not be the right place for you, I would also say that each one of us has that “sweet spot” we can use to leverage and grow our network.

Where is that place where “everybody knows your name?”  Find out where that place is, spend time there, and find ways to leverage your influence from that starting place.

Who knows, you might even have a beer while there.

Have a cheerful day!

PS-be sure to watch the entire video; the last clip is by far the best!