Where has Customer Service disappeared to?

I don’t often go on a rant, but I am on one now.  Banking has become a challenging business to deal with and one of the banks I have to deal with (will go unnamed at this point, but they have green in their logo and are based in Birmingham).

Let me give a couple of quick examples and then use this as a teaching opportunity.

About two or three weeks ago we noticed that our statements, both on paper and on line, did not have the same information we previously would receive when we paid someone online.  I write very few checks and pay most of my bills online.  I have done this with Bank of America for years and years with no trouble whatsoever.  This other unnamed bank seems to have great difficulty with online banking.

Back to the subject; I called my bank last week to inquire why I could pay the same payee twice in 8 days and the transaction would show up completely different on the statement.  Here was the response that floored me:

“I don’t know”.  We have recently changed software vendors.

I have to admit that IT people do rule the world.  Don’t ever dispute this.

Here is the topper.  I tried to use another of their “services” to move money from an account in their bank to my personal bank.  Executing the transaction was easy.  I then got an email telling me that the transaction was “under review”.

Here is the real topper.  I just got off the phone with my business bank (what a misnomer) and learned that their “new online payment system” sends many of the online payments electronically, but they cannot (will not?) send the money electronically to one of the largest banks in the world.  Say what?

I had to laugh, but they I wanted to cry.

Banking, like so many services, should be about service.

Why would someone implement a new service that reduces convenience versus increasing convenience?

What are people thinking when they take something that was electronic and make it paper based?

Makes me wonder how much longer I will be doing business with a bank, one with a green logo, that uses bicycles in their commercials.

Seems to me they need to be focusing on how to improve service and convenience.

Business should be about making things easier for your customer, not making their day harder.

What do you think?

Am I off base here?