Who do we think we are?

When I see this phrase there are many things that come to mind.   At a different stage in my life this brought to mind a Deep Purple album I purchased in my youth.  I just could not get enough of that band back in the day.  When I see it now it brings a totally different set of thoughts to mind and I will talk a little more about them today.

Who we think we are will go a long way toward our success, or our lack of success in just about everything we do.  While I am not a psychological expert, I have seen, both in myself and in others, the manifestation of this experience.  Let’s dig a little deeper.

My first thoughts on this go back to my own childhood and the childhood of my children and their friends.  While I grew up in a household with parents who were not college attendees, my sons grew up in a household with parents who not only graduated from college, but who also had at least one masters degree each.  This sets up a level of expectation that differs in many respects from a household where young men and women don’t have that exposure and support.  I am not saying it is better or worse, just different.

A similar experience to that of my own children is seeing a number of young men I had the honor to work with in Scouting.  I had the chance to know a number of their families and who they thought they were, or were told they could be, had a profound influence in who they have become or are becoming.

Setting and achieving goals can be a lonely experience, especially when you have little or no support.  Setting goals in a low expectancy environment can be even worse.

Each of us are at a different stage in our lives and the effect of who we think we are is a constant reminder of our progress or lack of such.

Who we surround ourselves with during each stage of our lives has a large influence on this “self talk”.  I’ll talk more about this in a future post.

When you think about yourself, think positively, think realistically and think ahead.

Most of us will become what we think we are no matter whether it is for the best or not.