Why not be Creative?!

This, like most days, has been an interesting day.

I started my morning with 800 of my closest friends attending the Nashville Chamber’s Annual Meeting at the new Music City Center.

Many great stats were shared and there were a number of outstanding volunteers who were recognized.

The high point of the morning was the presentation by Richard Florida.  Dr. Florida talked about his past and current research, but the area that most caught my attention was his ability to show research that correlates creativity with business acumen and success.

His books include the Rise of the Creative Class and The Great Reset to mention just two.

He pointed out that each great city he has found has the following three items in prominent display:

  • Talent
  • Technology
  • Tolerance

So much of what he had to say really resonated with me and his capstone story took me back to a family vacation we took about a decade ago to Seattle.  While there we visited the EMP, the Experience Music Project that was funded by Paul Allen of Microsoft to honor Jimi Hendrix and other talented musicians.

My sons loved this place and it was so ironic that a great technical leader used music and creativity to emphasize and help grow Seattle into what it is today.  Others have also helped.


Sounds like a new series of blog posts for someone you and I both know.

Have a great weekend-be creative!