Why Wait?

Sitting in the church hearing about the life of a good friend this past weekend, a number of thoughts came to mind.  How often do we attend the funeral of a good friend, a family member or someone we have come to know?  As I complete the 60th year of my life, I have no clue how many more trips around the sun I may have.  I might be here a long time or my life could end today.  While I know that there will be a life after this one due to my faith in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, there is so much work to be done in this world that the following idea came to me and I wish to share it with each of you.

Why Wait?

Yes, why should we wait until the end of a life to pay our respects and share the many good things we all know and feel about one who is crossing over into the  next life. Just consider how much good we might do if we kept in touch with the many we come into contact with over the course of our lives.  A well placed call, a short visit or even a hand-written note could go so far in explaining to someone we know just how much they have meant in our life.  In this age of technology, we tend to let our social networks replace our human networks.  While this certainly avails us with the ability to touch many quickly, it also removes a real human element that is sorely lacking in our world.  I recently read about the plight of many men, the scourge of loneliness that has enveloped so many in this era where we let our monitors screen our connections and replace real human interaction with such a feeble replacement through less than human contact.

My goal for 2019 and my remaining years is to become more present in the lives of others who have made a difference in my life.  The list is long, but just like any journey, it will start with a first step.

My charge to you is to reach out and touch 3 to 5 of the most meaningful people in your life in the coming year.  Don’t take this lightly.  Take a moment away from the distractions of your life and compile a list and then start working that list.

Our brothers gathered on Friday evening to have an open discussion about how much we had missed one another and to also discuss challenges that we each face.  My purpose in the coming years will be to better connect with the men of Sigma Chi who have helped form me into the man I am today.  By doing so I hope to repay them each for the meaning and assistance they have each made in my life.  I also plan to do the same with my own family, especially my wife and  two adult sons and those around us.

Don’t wait until someone who has made a difference cannot smile, cry or react to your thoughts.  Do it now, while each individual can gain from being thanked and knowing how much impact they have brought to you.

Have a Merry Christmas and make a point to pour into the lives of others in the coming year.