Winding down for the Holidays

This has been a different holiday season for me.  Not better, not worse, just different.  Let me share a few thoughts about the differences.

First, I have been sick most of the holiday season.  Not the “in the hospital” type of sick, but more of the nagging cold, constant cough, not able to work out kind of sick.  As of today it has been 8 consecutive days since I have been to the Y or any other workout place.  That is a record, sort of.

Second, this has been a more sentimental holiday.  No one died, no one was born, but there were more memories, more feelings than I can remember from previous holidays, especially Christmas.  I can see life evolving here with the family, primarily good stuff, but still it is a little bittersweet to remember the days when there was great exuberance with young children and we are not at that spot right now.

Another contributor to the sentimentality is a series of videos I have shot with my wife’s parents.  I have a great relationship with my in-laws.  I consider them right up there with my parents since my parents died in my early 20’s and they have been all that I have known in my adult life.  They are wonderful people and have been the most loving and encouraging friends and grandparents you can ever imagine.  We spent some time together on Christmas morning where I asked some simple questions about their lives and they took the time to talk about how they got started.  They talked about their lives, how they met, where they worked and how they felt when they had their children, my wife and her sister.  It was quite humbling to hear their stories and also hear the emotion, the joy, they have experienced in their lives as they both enter their early 80’s.

It is my intent to spend more time with them in the coming months asking more questions and hoping to learn more, more from two of the best people I have come to know.  There is a lesson here.

I wind back to the beginning of this post.  It has been a different holiday.  While my cold/sickness has prevented me from doing some things I normally do, it has allowed me to do some other things I rarely do.  I have had more time to think, more time to reflect, and more time to consider what I want to do today, this week, this month and this coming year.

I fancy myself as a writer and 2014 is the year.  I have a story to tell (maybe 2 or 3) and this is the year the first one will get shoved out of the box.

It has been a different holiday season.  I have to admit that I have loved every minute of it.