Winning must be everything-Even “respected” people are cheating!

I had to add this additional post after the first to insure that I maintain a “fair and balanced” approach to this topic.  My intent is not to bash any particular individual, but another case has come to light and the person involved was thought to be a man of integrity not too many months ago.

Jim Tressel has coached at Ohio State in 2001 and his record there is 106-22.  His teams have played in 3 BCS national championship games, winning one of these and losing the other two.  The man with the vest and glasses gives the appearance of a classroom teacher and not of a football coach.  He was thought to be squeaky clean until things began to unravel at the end of last year.  Several of his players we found to be selling memorabilia and were suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season.  Tressel was later found to have known about this for almost 8 months and he has now accepted a 5 game suspension and a fine of $250,000.

Ohio State-The Ohio State University; held in high esteem by many, but now quickly descending to the ash heap of cheating college football programs.

Organizations of many types have similar issues.  Winning, or maximizing profit, is the key attribute and the ends justify the means in many cases.  We seem top live in a world where the difference between right and wrong continues to blur.  The level of moral relativism is at an all-time high and still we have people who cannot understand why situations like Jim Tressel’s and Bruce Pearl’s at Tennessee occur.

Many will say that the rules are wrong.  Criminals say the same about the laws they may violate.

In collegiate sports, just as in the real world, rules exist for a reason.  If someone violates a rule, they should be punished.  If the rule is wrong, it should be changed or eliminated.

Justice must be done, whether in the workplace, the marketplace or in the arena.  Integrity and honor need to be lifted up to their proper levels and those who are found to be violators must be punished.

How does your workplace deal with issues of integrity?

How do you handle your own issues with integrity?

My good friend, Nancy Reece, writes about integrity and ethics on a regular basis.  I encourage you to read what she has to say in her blog.

I found this video where someone asked many about what Integrity is.  I think you will find it to be quite interesting.

Let me know-I want to know what you think.