Would you want Richard Sherman working for your firm?

I am a football fan, in fact I am a sports fan, and I watched most of the two NFL playoff games yesterday.  The first was between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots while the second pitted the Seattle Seahawks against the San Francisco 49ers.  Both were good games, but I would go on to say that the latter game, the Seattle, San Francisco game, was a GREAT game.  Just like in any great game there were key moments and the one that I will speak about today happened at the end of the game.  During this play Richard Sherman deflected an apparent winning touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree so that his teammate could intercept the ball and seal the victory for Seattle.

My issue is not with the play-it was a decent play.  My issue is more about the behavior, the antics of one Richard Sherman after the play and after the game.  Sherman found it appropriate (it was not) to get into the face of his opponent, Michael Crabtree, after the play and that cost his team a penalty.  Then after the game he gave the most classless interview with Erin Andrews of Fox Sports.

In life, just as in sports, there are winners and losers every day.  Winners do things right and have breaks fall their way.  Losers may not do what it takes or they may have misfortune that keeps them from attaining their ultimate goal.  Sports, just like this game, give excellent examples of how to behave, and how not to behave after a win or a loss.

If you listen to these two videos there are a couple of key items that you can take away and use in any situation, whether this be on the field, the diamond, the court or in your business.

  • It’s about the team, not about me
  • Keep a level head after a win or a loss
  • Be sure to mention your teammates
  • Support your teammates
  • Don’t call others out
  • Act with class

Some of you will not like this because your vision is blinded by issues like geography, race or team.  Behavior is behavior and these two examples are clear, make that crystal clear, regarding how to behave after an important, an emotional win over a key opponent.

What do you think?

Who is the better example in a win?

Peyton Manning?

Richard Sherman?

Both are well educated from fine schools. Manning graduated in 3 years from the University of Tennessee and Sherman graduated from Stanford University, a top-tier school.

This is not about education, this is about behavior.