You can learn a lot about HR in Las Vegas

When you first read this title you may shake your head and wonder just what I am thinking.  Stay with me here, there is some real value in this post.

I attended the M Lee Smith-BLR AEIS conference last week in Las Vegas and had the opportunity to present twice to the group.  My first presentation was on the use of Social Media in the recruiting world and my second presentation was a more focused presentation about how to best utilized Blogs and Microblogs in the sourcing and recruiting world.

I would not be totally honest if I was to say I did not gamble,    but I can say that I broke even and never was more than $15 down at any time.  That is a real accomplishment if you ask me.

Here are some of the things I learned while in Vegas last week:

  • I learned from Molly DiBianca that having a Social media policy is essential in the workplace
  • Eric Meyer helped me gain a better handle on how the courts are viewing the right and wrong way employers are using Facebook and other networks
  • Hal Adler and Michael Burchell gave some great guidelines and suggestions that can make your workplace a Great Place to Work
  • John Young of BLR helped me gain a better understanding of the many types of training that they provide for employers of all sizes and types.

I had a great time while there and got to spend some quality time with some of the best thought leaders     in the employment law and HR world.

Most people say that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  For me and those attending, we brought home a whole lot more than we took there and we are all better off for the journey.