Your web of inclusion-Who is there?

Just like a spider, we all spin webs.  A spider spins his or her web to catch prey for survival needs.  Our web is for survival also, but we don’t have to kill our victims, thank heavens!

Each of us has many different webs that we spin.  Some of mine include:

    • executive search-my work in the search world puts me into contact with a variety of firms and individuals from varying walks of life and a myriad of industries; I enjoy the diversity and each one brings a different view and perspective
    • leadership-I have had the opportunity to be a leader in a variety of settings, both paid and unpaid; the ability to lead from the front or even from the side or behind allows me to gain a better perspective into what I do well and where I need to improve
    • career transition-I have been blessed to come into contact with so many who are on the journey from one career/job to another; this ministry has allowed me to gain a better perspective on my own career and to also see how others approach and overcome a variety of issues or challenges in their own search
    • fellow believers in Jesus-being part of a body of believers has enabled me to overcome temptations that might cause the individual to succumb to the challenges of everyday life; while I am not perfect, I can say that the many strands of a body and the small group we belong to only strengthen my resolve to try and live my life in a way that serves others
    • Sigma Chi-I became a part of this international brotherhood in 1978 and I have never regretted my membership; there have been times I may have been disappointed in the behavior I personally have had, or the behavior of a fellow brother, but that fellowship, united by the Jordan Standard, allows me to realize that through Sigma Chi, I will find it here

There are others, but I think these will give you the picture.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll share more about how I “spin these webs” and how they can be mutually beneficial.

Have a great day!