Fun with Fundamentals

As a former weekend warrior and a team sports guy growing up, I hated the thought of practice. Baseball practice, wrestling practice, you name it, if practice was part of the grind it was not much fun.

The problem is that practice makes one better, maybe not perfect as the old saying went, but practice takes things from the state of conscious competence, where you have to think in order to make things go well to the state of unconscious competence, where you don’t have to believe overtly and things happen because they become ingrained in your persona, your life, your existence.Practicing the fundamentals

My Vistage groups had the privilege of hearing from David Friedman of CultureWise last week about Fundamentals and their role in instilling and preserving culture in an organization. David’s approach is very pragmatic and focuses on fundamentals and their associated behaviors. In many cases, I have pushed organizations toward having values, which are important, but fundamental behaviors are much easier to understand and put into practice.

I’ll be sharing more about the impact of fundamentals and also share my personal journey in the coming weeks of employing my own fundamentals in my work and my life.

There can be fun in fundamentals, but you first have to know what your fundamentals are going to be.