You’ve heard it said, “It’s lonely at the top.” CEOs and senior leaders have few places to turn within their organizations to have candid, open conversations in a protected environment. Leadership development training and peer advisory opportunities are only two of the benefits leaders receive when joining a VISTAGE group. In each meeting, no topic is off-limits. Fellow members listen, ask tough questions, and offer their lessons learned to help their colleagues face tough decisions and improve their businesses.

In addition to group meetings, each VISTAGE participant receives one-on-one coaching from local VISTAGE Chair Dan Ryan. During these sessions, Dan will dig deep to understand your strengths and opportunities for improvement, set milestones, and provide resources to help you grow and your business prosper.

The third component of VISTAGE allows participants to access international resources, speakers, and data to facilitate growth and position your company for successful outcomes. Our goal is to help organizations flourish, whether facing growth, transition, or other business concerns.

By surrounding yourself with other business owners who walk in your same shoes, you gain new perspectives—whether from fellow business peers, a trained facilitator, or expert resource speakers, and expand your view beyond your own company walls in a way that traditional executive leadership training cannot offer.

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