Gaslighting affects men also

Last week I had a brief introductory post on gaslighting and how it manifests itself in the workplace, especially the virtual workplace.  While gaslighting appears to be more widespread than I first thought, it also appears to affect women more than men.  In my post this week I’ll narrow the focus to gaslighting on men and what they can do to recognize and combat the effects of this.

While the items suggested in this post, supported by an article in Men’s Health, are not solely focused on men, there is more gaslighting directed among men and by men than many will first consider.  Here are the key points to consider:

  1. Gaslighters lie and keep on lying
  2. Gaslighters play on your insecurities
  3. Their actions do not match their words
  4. They manipulate relationships
  5. They question your sanity
  6. They accuse you of their behaviors
  7. You will begin to feel more unsure of yourself

One of the best things you can do if you feel you are being gaslighted or manipulated is to find someone you know you can trust and confide in them.  This may be difficult of your level of insecurity is high, but without help this issue will persist or get worse.

If you find it difficult to trust in others and feel they may be trying to make you feel less secure or even make you feel unstable, get help now.  In this time where many have been isolated due to social distancing and fears of pandemic virus spread, the situation is ripe for gaslighters to take advantage of their victims and try to separate them from their support system.

Gaslighters prey upon those who are less sure of themselves and who need and crave support.  If you are one who needs this support, don’t cut yourself off.  Keep yourself connected with others you know you can trust and confide in to combat the encroachment of the gaslighter.

Many of you have an EAP as part of your benefit plan that you can call upon. If you belong to a church, confide in a pastor or confide in your best friend, unless this “friend” is the one who is your gaslighter.

Find someone you can trust before the situation explodes or gets out of control.