Giving Constructive Feedback to your Boss

Feedback is the breakfast of champions, but you will get heartburn if you don’t know how to provide feedback in an appropriate manner, especially when dealing with your boss or another superior in your organization.

This link will take you to a number of suggestions you might employ for giving feedback to your boss.  All of those listed are colleagues on the Forbes Coaches Council.

My approach to feedback always leans on the SBI method from the Center for Creative Leadership-CCL.

  • S stands for Situation; understand the context and let the person know what happened and when
  • B stands for Behavior; let the know what behavior your witnessed during the exchange
  • I stands for Impact; explain the impact both on you and on others you witnessed or have spoken with.

SBI is a powerful tool when used appropriately and in a timely manner.

You can learn more about SBI by clicking here: