Happy Anniversary to ryan partners!

ryan partners, formerly known as Ryan Search & Consulting, was given birth on November 1, 2010.  As I pause to reflect what has changed in 10 years the most important thing I can say is that I am blessed and thankful for all that has transpired during that time.  There have been great times, challenging times and many in between, but the end result, at least for me is that I have had the opportunity to work with some great people and some great clients along the way.

Let me do a quick comparison between life in 2010 and life in 2020:

  1. In 2010 I had one son who had just graduated from college and one that was in his junior year.  Now both sons are married and we also have a beautiful grandson.  My wife, Gena, has not changed a bit in that 10 year period.
  2. My work in 2010 consisted primarily of search work in the industrial and engineering markets with an occasional strategic planning engagement as well as more common leadership development engagements.  Now my work is split between search work in engineering, architecture and construction as well as with Peer Groups through Vistage and Exit Planning through NAVIX Consultants.
  3. My interest in college baseball was just taking root in 2010.  Since then, my favorite team, the Vanderbilt Commodores (aka Vandy Boys) have been to the college world series 4 times and have won 2 national championships.
  4. One of my best advisers was my mother in law, Sue Lovett, in 2010.  Sue left us in 2019 and her absence is still felt daily.  When I married Gena in 1982 I could have never imagined what a great set of in laws I would inherit.  She truly made a marked difference in my life.
  5. My only international work prior to 2010 was in Japan.  Since 2010 I have had the opportunity to also work in Great Britain and also in India.

I could add more, but let’s leave it right here for now.  The most important thing I can share is that the journey has been fun on most days and the rewards have been multi fold.

My thanks to each of you for your support in the first 10 years and I look forward to writing a similar post when I celebrate 20 years in 2030.

My hope is that each of you have a  safe and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday.