Learning from Adversity

Adversity and challenge; they can be a pain and most of us would prefer not to have to deal with them, but they also help form traits that make us stronger. Not only is our own adversity an issue, but also how we respond to others around us who are also dealing with adversity and challenge.

I recently read the book The Comfort Crisis and this really helped me think more about challenges and the value of what we overcome and even what we just attempt.

I think back in my life to many times when I dealt with adversity and challenge. I won’t go into a deep dive on each, but here are just a few that readily come to mind:

-leaving the Naval Academy
-losing my job
-losing my parents
-dealing with cancer
-losing my mother in law

I could add others, but those all have happened over the course of my life. Getting through each of them provided its own unique challenges. Still, the end result was that I was stronger having had the experience and also having support as I went through and also having support afterward.

What challenges or adversity have you had or are you dealing with now?

How are you handling these challenges?

Come back next week as I take another perspective on the subject of challenge and adversity.