My misogi

The term misogi is one I recently became familiar with while reading the book The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter. The book discusses the value of discomfort and goes into great detail regarding how soft our society has become. We eat more and move less than our ancestors and the results are pretty obvious. In addition, the foods that we eat only make the situation worse.
The misogi concept comes from the Shinto world and in its purest sense deals with purification. Additional meaning is to set a goal or pursue a task that is relatively unattainable. By doing so you will push yourself past your comfort level and also become more familiar with levels of discomfort that will make you stronger.
I am giving some thought to what my misogi will be for the next twelve months. I am not a big runner so that is not on the list, but something relating to physical exertion will be what I achieve.
What is your misogi? What are you considering that will push you past your normal limits?

What should your misogi be and why would you even consider having one?

I’ll be back again next week to add to this.