Never let the Data get in the way of your Opinion

First, let me openly admit that I am not an epidemiologist.  I do have a degree in Physics and a few other degrees, but biological sciences are not my thing.  At the same time I  have the ability to read and comprehend information when it is presented and I think I have made some solid decisions based on facts in my life.

Let me also say I am a flawed man of Faith.  I believe in Jesus Christ and know that he possesses greater power than anything in this world.  I believe he created science to allow us to help one another.

I offer this to say that it never ceases to amaze me when I see decision makers avoid data and make decisions purely to pander to the wants of their political base or to those they are beholden to.  It is pretty obvious from the twists and turns we have encountered during he Covid-19 outbreak that logic does not rule the day and that the political frame has way to much power when it comes to how decisions are made in many parts of the country.

Another disclaimer: I am pretty conservative from a political view, so don’t think I am just another person who thinks the government has the solution to everything.  To the contrary, I do believe that government has its place, but that the private sector often handles many issues well.

I recently read the book “The Premonition:  A Pandemic Story” by Michael Lewis and will soon finish the book “The Great Influenza by John Berry”  I don’t profess to be an expert on handling a pandemic, but reading these books has given me some context to use as a platform today.  I would encourage each of you to do the same.  You will be enlightened to read how we got to where we are today.

The point is this; science exists for a reason and we need to make decisions that benefit society based on what science tells us.  I know some of you will tell me that liberty allows you to choose what you want, and I’ll accept that, but does that mean you would be completely careless in everything you do in your life?  I think not.

Too many of us are living our lives with only one person in mind, ourself.  My encouragement to you today is to think about those around you and those you influence.  People watch what you do and your are influencing others even when you have no idea you are doing so.

I am interested in your comments.

Let me know what you think.