Three of the Best Decisions I Have Made in my Life

Making decisions is a part of life and each one of us makes many every day.  I know that I do not spend as much time in reflection as I might, so today I wanted to share with you three of the best decisions I have made in my almost 61 years in this world.  There are so many I have made that it is a little daunting to limit this to three.

The first decision I made that has had a profound influence  on my life is my decision to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  From a theological perspective, I might also say that He chose me, as a reformed believer would say, but I also can point to a time in my life when I chose Him and that choice has been one I have never regretted.  There are so many times that I get distracted with the busyness of our world and when this occurs I try to take a step back and pray about what is really most important.  When I do this, the value of this decision really helps me to see what is important versus what is distracting.

The second decision I made that has influenced my life in so many ways is the once to ask my wife, Gena, to marry me.  When we first started dating she had many tell her to reconsider me as a choice, but she somehow saw through my earlier poor choices and has been a steadying and defining influence in my life now for almost 40 years.  Not only has she been a guide and mentor for me as a husband, but she has also been a tremendous influence on both of our sons as they have grown into responsible adults, husbands and father (for our oldest son).  Making the right choice in a spouse is a key decision for any of us and for me it has been one that has aided me every day.

The third decision I have made that has had a great influence in my life was to join the Sigma Chi Fraternity.  I think back to my days as a freshman and sophomore at Murray State and remember that I visited many fraternity houses and came close to joining at least one other fraternity.  I am so glad I waited until my third semester in college to join because it helped me to weed through how people treated me when I first said no.  Sigma Chi kept coming back, for some reason, and I pledged in the fall of 1978 and was initiated in early 1979.  I have been fortunate to keep connected to many from my college days, but the value of this brotherhood has really manifested itself in the relationships I have made with Sigs from across the country and the world in my adult life.  I currently have the honor to serve as the Nashville Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter president and this puts me in touch with several thousand Sigma Chi alumni in our area, many of whom are active in events we conduct through the year.  I can even point to many clients and friendships that have started because of the common bond we have through the White Cross of Sigma Chi.

Three decisions listed above have made a profound impact on who I am, where I life, what I do, and where I am going.

What decisions have you made that have set or altered the course of your life?