What will your family consist of?

This is a post I have been thinking about for many weeks, perhaps many months. It is a post that will anger some and may seem like common sense to others. It is based purely on my own, sometimes flawed observations. Here goes.
Image by freepikAmerica is becoming a nation where families often choose to have pets rather than children. The number supports this and the ramifications for this are somewhat startling on many levels. Let me back up my assertion with some facts.
As of 2024, 66% of American households own a pet. As a percentage, this has only increased from 63% in 1960. This is neither good nor bad unless you are in the pet food or pet services industry. If you are, that is great. The amount spent on pets in 2023 is estimated to be over $143 billion. Estimates assert the average household spends $4800 on pets annually.

At the same time, the proportion of American households without children is now over 58%. In 1960 this percentage without children was only 43%, split among married and single households. The average amount spent on a child in America now is now estimated to be about $17,5000 per year.

Commercials even now insinuate that we can replace human companionship with pets.

Where will this end? Are we headed to a world where people replace human companionship with animal companionship?

Am I overreacting?

What do you think?

More to come…