What’s new?

Being busy is good, especially when the busy is helping others.  Let me work in reverse order, starting with today and working backward.

The Friends of Scouting Patron Luncheon was today and I heard John Maxwell speak for the first time.  What took me so long?  He did a great job and one point he made clear is that success if about serving yourself while significance is about serving others.  I enjoy serving others and really get enjoyment out of seeing others grow and improve.

Business in the peer group world continues to be fun and the variety of people and businesses I work with continues to diversify.  I suspect that I will be working with over 45 business owners and leaders by year’s end and that should top 60.

Personal life is also well with the three grandchildren growing and becoming even more fun.  Even better, #4 will be here in August and that will bless us with three boys and one girl.

What’s new in your world?