Why I am grateful at the start of this new year

First, I hope each of you reading this is anticipating the start of this new year. 2023 was a great year for me and my family and I have great hope for the year we have just begun. It started in great fashion and my intent as the year rolls out will be more specific in what I do and where I spend my time.

2023 Christmas Tree

We spent New Year’s Day with my father-in-law as he celebrated his 91st birthday. The fact that he still lives in his own home and takes care of his daily needs is even more of a blessing. Much of my focus in the coming year will involve my short-term goals and my longer-term intent as I head toward my milestone 65th birthday in June 2024.

Here are things I am grateful for as I type this message today:

  • Good health and the ability to exercise regularly
  • No chronic health issues that detract from my quality of life
  • A wonderful spouse who I have been married to for 41+ years
  • Two successful sons with wonderful spouses and four energetic grandchildren who all live within 30 minutes of our home
  • Playing an active role in our church and several other community organizations
  • The ability to travel as we like
  • Great flexibility in my work situation, doing projects that I enjoy

As we start 2024, here is where I plan to sharpen my focus:

  • Find ways to spend more quality time with my spouse, my children, and my grandchildren
  • Play an even more active role in my church and my community organizations
  • Enhance and sharpen my goals when it comes to my physical and mental health
  • Read more books and watch even less screen-based materials
  • Write and reflect more

What does your 2024 look like as you cross the threshold into a new year? Have you taken time to reflect on where you are and where you want to spend your time this year? All of us have the same amount of time. How we spend it will make the difference regarding how happy and fulfilled we become.

My prayers and thoughts go out to you as you pause to think. My best to you in 2024!